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4 Tips on How to Generate Traffic and Leads to Your Website w/ Lindsey Anderson [Episode 131]

Lindsey Anderson, also known as “One-Click Lindsey”, is the host of the Traffic and Leads podcast. She is an expert in helping small businesses use the internet to drive more traffic and leads to their website. In today’s episode, Lindsey and I discuss how to drive more traffic to your website.

What are the two biggest mistakes small businesses make in their online efforts? 

Online businesses are so overwhelmed that they will try hundreds of different things. Maybe they will try Facebook marketing for three months and that doesn’t work. The number one mistake is people give up too soon. You need to give your marketing efforts at least six months to a year to start interacting. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONSISTENCY. One of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your website is blogging.

How do businesses prioritize which of marketing tactics will be the most effective?

Make sure you are paying attention to your own website. Facebook owns everything you put on there and at any moment they could change the rules. Facebook did an algorithm update a couple years ago and now a very minuscule percentage of your fan base will actually see anything, unless you pay. If you are going to put some dedication into some content, then the number one place to put that is your website. You want to make sure you have control over your content.

How to use Facebook Marketing, which is paid advertising.

Spend at least $5.00 a day getting a new/fancier Facebook page and boosting your posts. Making sure your fans see your content, blog posts, videos, or anything that you are doing. It’s about content, you have to put some thought and creativity if you are going to be using Facebook Marketing, but it totally works and is inexpensive.

What is the best reward to give potential customers for their efforts on clicking on your ad and being driven back to your website?

People are so iffy about giving out their email addresses lately; it has to be very valuable information. White papers very rarely work now. What is the ethical bribe? The potential customer gives the business their email address, and the business has to give value in return. The best value in this day and age is offering a 14-day email course. Every day, for 14 days, the business will email you a quick tip.

What constitutes as a great website in terms of being able to generate leads and traffic?

We’ve kind of lost the website, which is the most important in everyone’s business. The website is where you are driving all of your potential customers. The number one thing is to make sure it is mobile friendly. There are two reasons behind that; you are going to scare your clients away if they are looking on their phone and have to squint to see anything. The second reason is because Google released an algorithm last year that says if your website isn’t mobile friendly you are going to lose some ranking. Good rule of thumb, you want to re-vamp your website every 3 to 4 years. This will be enough to keep you current.

Does it make better business sense to have a consultant?

You will spend more money testing different Facebook ads, than if you would actually let One-Click Lindsey set them up for you. The cool thing about Lindsey’s packages is that every single month they have to prove their results. SEO can take 3 to 6 months to get it to actually start working for you to start ranking on search engines. You could run a PPC campaign which can be hit or miss and can be very effective, but it is really expensive.

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What’s the most powerful sales tool in your arsenal?


Name the one tool or app you use for sales or sales management that you can’t live without.

Highrise CRM System

Who’s your business role model?

Jim Palmer: Business Coach

What’s one book that you recommend every client to read? 

Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger by Jim Palmer

What’s your favorite music to get you pumped up?

Foo Fighters

What’s the one question you get asked most frequently by entrepreneurs?

How do I get listed on search engines?

What’s the first sales activity you do every day?

Spend time on LinkedIn.