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2022 State of Sales Compensation with Sahil Mansuri [Episode 1035]

Sahil Mansuri is the CEO of Bravado, a community for sales professionals. On today’s episode we talk about the 2022 Bravado State of Sales Compensation Guide. Lots of interesting findings from that study that we dig into. For example, we discuss why only 47% of sales teams hit quota in 2021. Then dig into the reasons behind why only 1 in 4 sales teams had 75%+ of their members hit quota. Generally appalling overall performance! Sahil and I also explore the whole topic of job tenure in tech sales. Bravado’s study found job tenure is declining among AE’s from 12 to 11 months and senior sales leadership, like VP of Sales, from 19-17 month. We speculate about why this trend is happening right now. Is it the great resignation or something else?

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