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2022 Sales Pipeline and Revenue Benchmarks, with Ray Rike [Ep. 33]

Are your reps generating enough pipeline? It’s a question that keeps every sales leader up at night. So Revenue.io, RevOps², TenBound and DemandBase decided to do some research. On today’s episode, Ray Rike (Founder of RevOps²) joins us to discuss the results. In addition to getting pipeline and benchmark averages from over 200 companies, we found that there’s a sweet spot for how much pipeline and revenue your sales reps should create (if you go past it you’ll actually create less revenue). So if you want to start counting sheep instead of pipeline numbers, this is the episode you need to put all your sales worries to bed.

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Jordan Henderson (Director of Revenue Operations)

Brandon Redlinger (Sr. Director of Product Marketing)

Jonathan Stevens (Sr. Marketing Operations & Automation Manager)


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