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Outreach Kaia is a voice-enabled knowledge assistant. Revenue.io is a complete coaching and training solution.

See why top companies are moving to Revenue.io to exceed quota, decrease ramp time and improve compliance.

Outreach Kaia Vs. Revenue.io

Why Switch from Kaia to Revenue.io?

Virtual sales guidance during calls and video meetings

Whether reps are hosting a video meeting or talking to prospects on the phone, Revenue.io reinforces training in real time, driving better results.

Behavior-Driven Revenue Intelligence

Use conversation insights to diagnose and manage your pipeline effectively and track opportunity analytics.

Real-time and post-call conversation intelligence

Revenue.io automatically mines calls for critical insights and then empowers managers to scale those insights across every live conversation.

Can Kaia cut your rep ramp time in half like Revenue.io?

Revenue.io delivers a complete coaching suite that has been proven to help ramp reps to full productivity in half the time. Best practice libraries help new reps quickly learn why your top performers win, while conversation etiquette alerts and real-time conversation guidance ensure that reps quickly build the skills proven to drive opportunities and revenue.

See how ChowNow cut their ramp time in half with Revenue.io

Can Kaia Improve Quota Attainment by 120% like Revenue.io?

Achieving quota has never been easier! Revenue.io delivers real-time guidance that empowers reps to overcome objections, answer “gotcha” questions like pros and close deals in a fraction of the time.

See how Kelly Benefits improved quota attainment by 120% with Revenue.io

Can Kaia Help Enforce Compliance Behaviors like Revenue.io?

Revenue.io helps customers reduce risk and liability by making it easier for reps and IT professionals to manage their compliance needs. In addition to being SOC II compliant and subject to rigorous, consistent security testing, Revenue.io provides tools for reinforcing compliance training across every conversation.

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Do Customers Like Outreach Kaia as much as Revenue.io?

Revenue.io has an average of 4.7 / 5 customer score on G2, and a 5.0/5 on the Salesforce AppExchange. Outreach has a 4.3 / 5 customer score on G2. Outreach is not listed on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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