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Get Your Speed to Lead Under 5 Minutes With These 5 Tips

How long does it take your team to respond to an inbound lead?

Research by the Harvard Business Review has found that a rep's chances of converting a lead go down drastically after the first five minutes. Yet most B2B companies don't have a five-minute SLA - in fact, many never respond to their inbound leads at all, causing them to waste a valuable source of revenue.

But it doesn't have to be this way! With the right tools and some simple techniques, a sub-five-minute response time is within every sales team's grasp.

In Get Your Speed to Lead Under 5 Minutes With These 5 Tips, you'll get info on:

  • The right metrics to measure speed to lead

  • Ways to prioritize leads so that your reps are spending time on the right calls

  • Tips for making inbound leads easy to see and contact

  • How to set your reps up for success during every conversation
"Revenue.io enables us to easily implement a 5-minute or less SLA with our reps."

Bonnie Worthington, Salesforce Team Manager at Workwave

See How They Did It
See How They Did It