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Revenue.io for Retail Companies

The Future of Retail Customer Service is Here!

Revenue.io transforms the customer journey by providing real-time recommendations that empower retailers to deliver personalized, seamless service across all touchpoints.

Looking to Unlock Better Retail Experiences?
Legacy customer service solutions no longer cut it. Revenue.io delivers AI-powered conversational solutions that offer retailers the ability to provide fast, effective support and recommendations.

Deliver Consistent, Seamless Experiences

Whether customers reach out by phone, chat, SMS or other channels, conversational AI ensures a continuous experience by instantly surfacing the conversation history and profiles.

This level of context enables retail agents to pick up where the last agent left off and provide personalized recommendations based on past interactions.

Deliver 24/7 Automated CRM Data Capture

Struggling with CRM adoption? No problem! Revenue.io automatically captures and enters all relevant sales, customer success and marketing interactions from voice, video and text into your CRM.

Discover What Drives Sales Success

By analyzing aggregated sales conversations, conversational AI uncovers the optimal talk tracks, dialogue flows and objection handling that convert shoppers to buyers. These AI-generated insights help managers coach reps and fine-tune sales processes.

Boost Sales with Personalized Guidance

Conversational AI acts as a trusted advisor for retail agents, coaching them through interactions in real time to uncover customer needs and guide them to the right products.

By analyzing past conversations, the AI learns to predict each shopper's intent and suggest tailored recommendations that drive higher order values and conversion rates.

Match Shoppers with the Right Reps

Boost CSAT by intelligently routing customers to the best reps based on data like rep skills, product expertise and availability to instantly connect each shopper.

Gain Data-Driven Insights

Revenue.io automatically analyzes aggregate data from customer interactions to identify trends, opportunities and pain points. These insights enable you to adapt merchandising, marketing and service strategies to exceed evolving customer expectations.

Help Enforce Compliance Behavior and Data Integrity at Scale

Download our security and compliance fact sheet to see why we’re trusted by the world’s most successful enterprises.

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