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RevOps is Changing in 2022

48% of B2B companies now have a RevOps function.

We can practically hear you asking: Is that a lot? Has it changed much from last year? Why and how are all these companies going with RevOps? Is it worth it?

To answer at least a couple of those questions, 48% is a lot! And it's up 15% from last year. Inside the report, you'll find answers to all the other questions too (and some interesting findings about what's actually standing in the way of cross-departmental alignment - but we'll let those be a surprise).

In the report, you'll find:

  • Proven business impact for RevOps and ABX

  • The amount companies invest in Revenue Technologies by ARR

  • The evolution and function of a CRO

  • Common obstacles to cross-departmental alignment and their solutions

  • And more useful Revenue Operations benchmarks