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2021 Pipeline Benchmarks Report

Revenue.io recently partnered with RevOps Squared to uncover exactly how companies around the globe are planning to drive revenue in 2021 and how they’re measuring success. In our research, we uncovered several key pipeline benchmarks that offer deep insight into pipeline.

A Look Inside

This report focuses on the most important pipeline benchmarks that
 we uncovered. Our goal is to empower revenue leaders as they’re planning for 2021 by seeing how their peers are structuring pipeline creation. By reading this report, you’ll know, on average, the percentage of pipeline and revenue marketing, sales development and sales teams are responsible for across dozens of companies.


  • How AEs, SDRs and marketers impact pipeline and revenue

  • New pipeline by ACV by department

  • New ARR by ACV by department

  • The percentage of marketing teams that are using ARR growth
 as a key metric

  • And more useful pipeline benchmarks