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2021 Customer Acquisition Benchmarks Report

Revenue.io recently partnered with RevOps Squared to uncover exactly how companies around the globe of all sizes are acquiring new customers.

A Look Inside

In our research, we uncovered several key benchmarks that offer deep insight into how active various teams are. We’ve also uncovered what
 the average conversion funnel looks like, from activity, to conversation, meeting to opportunity. Perhaps most importantly we’ve uncovered
 what standard close rates look like for SMB, mid-market and
 enterprise companies.


By reading this report, you’ll learn what your peers are doing to win
 new customers and drive revenue. Included:

  • Close rates by target market, distribution model, ARR and ACV

  • Outbound sales development funnel conversion rate benchmarks

  • Outbound activity volume benchmarks

  • And more key customer acquisition benchmarks