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Top Compliance Company Saves 2000+ Hours and Improves Accessibility with Revenue


  • Each rep saves an average of 15 hours per month with Revenue.io
  • The whole team collectively saved 2,000 hours of time in their first 6 months
  • More reps were promoted in the first 6 months than in the entire year previously, since they were overachieving quotas with Revenue.io products

The Challenge

When the company first came to Revenue.io, their number one priority was to find a sales enablement platform that prioritized accessibility. But they were also looking for products that were compatible with Salesforce, that had comprehensive reporting, and that would provide prospecting and outreach tools for both phone and email.

The Solution

The company went with Revenue.io for two reasons. First, because accessibility is and always has been a pillar of our product development. “That’s the most important thing Revenue.io has made clear. Not only that they can help us, but that they want to, and that they think it’s their duty to serve other humans in that way,” explained the Sales Development Team Lead.

And second, because our suite of products perfectly suited their business needs. They went with a combination of RingDNA, Guided Selling, and Conversation AI for a comprehensive phone, email, and coaching solution.

The Results

With the Revenue.io platform, the entire sales team was able to participate in prospecting. The Team Lead observed that their outreach immediately became more efficient, as reps started saving 15 hours per month due to time-saving features like click-to-dial and voicemail drop. Over the course of the first six months, this added up to 2,000 hours of time saved for the whole team.

“The product that I think has brought the most success is Guided Selling. We use it every single day,” she said, when asked about what she attributes the shift in productivity to. Reps spend 80% of their day in Guided Selling, since it allows them to easily perform all their prospecting tasks within Salesforce. It also helps the sales team get the most out of their Salesforce investment since all the data they need is easily accessible and actionable.

The Sales Development Team Lead spends a lot of her time in Conversation AI because “Revenue.io’s main dashboards give me an immediate window into where my reps are, how they’re spending their time, where they’re winning, where they’re losing and areas where they can improve.”

She uses Conversation AI call recordings regularly in one-on-ones and call dissections, and she found that this approach to coaching helped many reps to step up their performance. In fact, more reps were promoted within  the first 6 months of using Revenue.io than in the entire year previously, since multiple reps were overachieving their quotas.

Overall, the Revenue.io platform helps everyone to improve the efficiency of their outreach, helping them to reach a larger number of companies than ever before. Ultimately, this means the company has more conversations about internet accessibility with more people, helping them to make great strides in their goal of increasing accessibility.

This case study features the sales team at a leading company in the ADA & WCAG compliance space.

"Having a single place to log into in the morning where you can conduct prospecting, outreach and coaching has been massive for our team."

Sales Development Team Lead