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Online Retail Giant Triples Their Call Handling Capability With Revenue


  • Tripled the number of calls handled per day, from the same number of agents and consultants
  • 11,000+ hours saved over the course of the first 12 months due to process optimisation and automation
  • Real-time reporting dashboards improved workforce alignment to inbound call volume

The Challenges

The company’s recent stellar growth and rapidly expanding team accelerated their requirement for a next-generation telephony system to support its best-in-class customer experience. When they came to Revenue.io, they were looking for a solution that:

  • Scaled and deployed rapidly
  • Securely supported all working locations (on-premises, at home, remote) in Australia and offshore with best-in-class call quality
  • Integrated seamlessly with existing systems (including their bespoke ERP and customized Salesforce instance)
  • Was intuitive and easily learned by agents and technical support teams
  • Improved efficiency by providing routing, automation and real-time views of agent activities, customer sentiment and call outcomes
  • Provided leaders, managers, workforce planners and trainers with useful tools, reports and actionable insights
  • Delivered recordings and transcripts in real-time for analysis and training
  • Had the customer at the heart of its vision and future roadmap

The Solution

Ultimately, the company chose Revenue.io because it checked every box, including ease of use and integration, a compelling commercial proposition and, most importantly, the fastest time-to-value out of all the solutions they evaluated.

Revenue.io now enables agents to easily stay connected with centralized data in Salesforce, and saves them hours every day by automating necessary processes. Furthermore, Revenue.io’s real-time conversation intelligence and call guidance empowers agents to solve customer issues during calls more quickly and effectively than ever before.

It’s not just agents who benefit from Revenue.io. Their managers can now optimize workforce management and planning, thanks to call center dashboards that deliver insight into agent availability, inbound call volumes and other KPIs that are important to the business. Supervisor notifications also alert managers when there’s an immediate coaching opportunity, empowering them to deliver critical feedback in the moments that matter.

“It’s rare that I hear from my technical support team that something was easy to install and configure. It’s rarer still that things work as promised ‘out-of-the-box,’ but they did. Most importantly, the Revenue.io account management and support team were incredibly responsive and have helped us every step of the way.”
– Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer

The Results

Thanks to Revenue.io’s powerful integration with Salesforce, agents are all working securely and productively regardless of their location. Following the initial implementation, getting new agents up and running is as simple as having them download a Chrome app. And no matter where agents work from, there has been a noticeable improvement in call quality across the board when compared to their legacy system.

Revenue.io also provided a range of productivity improvements. “We’ve gone from having hundreds of calls a day go unanswered to successfully fielding more than three times the number of daily calls. My team can see exactly how many calls are coming in, how many consultants are available to take calls and how many are standing by. The out-of-the-box reporting has been very helpful from a workforce management and planning perspective too,” said the Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer.

Revenue.io also automates processes like dialing, leaving voicemails, creating new cases and logging activities in Salesforce, saving agents a significant amount of time. An analysis of time saved showed that Revenue.io has saved these agents ~11,654 hours over the course of the past year.

This case studies features an Australian online retailer in the furniture and homewares market. They pride themselves on world-class customer service.

"A friendly and helpful voice on the phone is sometimes just what a customer needs to feel comfortable about their purchase or to know that their issue will be taken care of. Providing a quality voice service is an important part of our customer experience. We’re just at the start of our journey with Revenue.io and I’m looking forward to building our expertise with the platform and continuing our highly engaged and productive relationship."

Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer