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Enterprise Telecommunications Company Increases Productivity and Retention Using Revenue.io


  • Revenue.io sales process automation results in a 31% increase in outbound call volume on average
  • Productivity increases result in 9-hour weekly time savings per rep
  • The Revenue.io platform delivers $3,636,563 annualized Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) growth

The Challenge

The customer success team tasked with retaining Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) at an enterprise telephony company was struggling with some critical challenges that threatened to limit reps’ performance:

  • A fragmented technology stack with three separate systems for calls, emails and meetings was hindering rep productivity
  • Reps were logging data manually in multiple systems, negatively impacting rep productivity
  • Success leaders lacked visibility into customer conversations, preventing the ability to scale coaching
  • Leadership couldn’t correlate activities with business outcomes

The Solution

To address these challenges, the enterprise telecommunications company implemented the complete Revenue.io platform.

Revenue.io provided a single seamless interface for calls, meetings, emails and other rep activities. By automatically logging key data from a single unified platform, Success leaders gained insights that they could trust, while giving reps time back to focus on driving retention.

As reps spent more time with customers, actionable insights and key metrics were automatically logged across dozens of turnkey dashboards. This empowered leaders to gain a real-time view of not just rep activities, but how those activities correlated to business outcomes.

Revenue.io conversation intelligence also provided conversation-level insights and surfaced opportunities for leaders to coach reps to be more successful. Meanwhile real-time conversation intelligence provided in-the-moment guidance, helping ensure reps say the right things during live conversations.

The Results

Revenue.io led to:

  • A 31% increase in outbound call volume on average
  • Productivity increases resulting in 9-hour weekly time savings per rep
  • $3,636,563 annualized MRR growth
  • 8.4X ROI

This case study features an enterprise telecommunications company known for its focus on networking and security solutions.

“Seeing the effectiveness of Revenue.io real-time guidance, we can now steer reps on every call.”

Senior Director of Customer Success