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Enterprise Fintech Company Transforms Underperforming Reps into Champions with Revenue.io


  • Top sales performance is correlated with reps that use Revenue.io for coaching
  • Reps that were previously bottom performers are now top performers
  • Conversation AI by Revenue.io empowers managers to identify coaching opportunities
  • Real-time metrics and graphs reveal a correlation between Conversation AI adoption and success
  • Underperforming reps adjust behaviors based on real-time metrics and achieve powerful results


As reps sell the Enterprise Fintech company’s accounting solutions, managers lacked insight into how to coach reps most effectively. While managers had insight into call outcomes via dispositions, they lacked insight into whether reps were effectively overcoming objections and handling discovery with partners.


The Fintech company implemented Conversation AI by Revenue.io to help managers identify actionable coaching opportunities. According to the Director of Global Sales Operations “We’re focusing on two main things right now: objection handling within the first two minutes of a call and how reps are doing discovery with partners.”

Conversation AI surfaces exactly which objections reps were hearing most often as well as how reps handled those objections. By identifying how reps successfully overcome objections, that knowledge can be scaled across the entire team.

Managers could also see which reps were not doing a good enough job of discovery with payroll and accounting partners. “We wanted to see: are our reps doing their due diligence within the first couple minutes of calls? Are they asking the right questions to propose the right products? The answer was ‘no’,” the Operations Director said.

Since Conversation AI ships with detailed turnkey metrics, the Operations Director could see which reps and managers were using Conversation AI. “There’s a lot of insightful graphs and charts,” she said. “They show who’s listening to calls, who’s playing them back and who’s annotating them in a given period of time. You can really correlate manager and team performance with what those graphs show.”


The Director of Global Operations discovered that the team members that were most engaged with Conversation AI were performing the best. “We saw that the high performers were the ones listening to and annotating calls. And the ones struggling were not doing those things.” When she presented those findings during a coaching session it was an aha moment. By adopting Conversation AI, “the people who were at the bottom of the list are now at the top of the list,” she said.

Moving forward, the Fintech company is taking a proactive effort to maximize Conversation AI adoption, even holding a contest to reward reps that do the most listening and annotations using the tool.

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This case study features a Canadian Enterprise Fintech company that sells accounting software to businesses in a variety of industries.

"Thanks to Conversation AI, the reps who were at the bottom are now at the top."

– Director of Global Sales Operations