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Digital Marketing Firm Increases Client Growth and Satisfaction With Revenue


  • Reps listened to 800+ phone calls for training over the course of the past year
  • After getting Revenue.io, the team’s ratio of talking vs. listening improved by 10% — which allowed them to listen to prospects more carefully and choose customers who were a better fit for the company
  • Revenue.io led to increases in client growth, client retention, customer satisfaction, and higher NPS scores

The Challenge

An award-winning digital marketing agency started looking for a new communications hub because they’d used multiple communications solutions in the past, but none of them checked all the boxes for what they wanted in a dialer. In particular, they wanted to be able to record and listen to phone calls. They also wanted the flexibility to add features without having to use a 3rd party, so they were looking for a sales platform with a wide breadth of capabilities.

The Solution

Their search led them to Revenue.io, and they ultimately went with a combination of the RingDNA Global Communications Hub and Conversation AI. This gave them the dialing features that were most important to them, such as Salesforce-integrated Click-to-Call so that reps could dial prospects from within Salesforce, Voicemail Drop so that reps didn’t need to repeat themselves over and over again when leaving messages, and post-call conversation intelligence to help reps and managers analyze conversations.

It was also a bonus for them that RingDNA could be set up so quickly, and without having to turn to an outside Salesforce contractor. Instead, they could set up the communications hub themselves in just 30 minutes.

The Results

Since implementing Revenue.io, the firm has seen many benefits across their company. With the Click-to-Call and Voicemail Drop features, reps immediately started saving time with RingDNA. And Using Conversation AI, their reps reviewed over 800 calls in the past year to help themselves improve, which led to a 10% improvement in their ratio of talking vs. listening on calls across the team.

That 10% has made all the difference, since reps now listen more closely to prospects and be an empathetic ally right from the beginning. As a result of their closer listening, reps also started turning away more of the wrong clients and partnering more often with the right ones, resulting in higher quality clients for the business overall. This has had wide-reaching benefits, with increases in client growth, client retention, customer satisfaction, and higher NPS scores across the board.

Outside of benefits to the sales team, their Chief Revenue Officer found that the analytics provided by Conversation AI could also be used by Marketing and Product teams to uncover insights that improved their product offering, product-market fit, and positioning against competitors.

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“Anyone running a sales team, a product team, or a marketing team should be using Revenue.io.”

Chief Revenue Officer