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Commercial Real Estate Agents Save 18 Hours A Month With RingDNA


When this commercial real estate company started using the Revenue.io RingDNA Global Communications Hub, they recognized these benefits:

  • 90% improvement in call tracking within Salesforce
  • 18 hours saved per agent per month by automating tasks
  • Reduction in agent onboarding times
  • A new ability to make data-driven decisions based on call metrics
  • Fully customizable real estate UI within the communications hub
  • New flexibility for agents to work remotely


This commercial real estate company was looking for a sales dialing solution for their real estate agents. Previously, they used a classic telephony system with desk lines. They had recently started aggregating their sales data in Salesforce, and wanted a way to easily log calls to the platform. They knew that realistically agents were only logging 10-20% of calls manually.

Their goal was to start making data-driven decisions for their agents, which required metrics and call tracking that their desk lines simply didn’t offer. They needed answers to key questions, such as:

  • How many calls are agents making?
  • How many calls does it take, on average, before reaching a person?
  • How long are agents on the phone for?
  • What is the quality of the conversations?
  • Which agents are performing well?


This commercial real estate company chose to implement RingDNA due to its native integration with Salesforce, which automatically logs all calls and tasks. They also added Local Presence, which helps agents to make more connected calls by providing local area codes to call with.

Another important distinction that led them to choose Revenue.io was the ability to customize the information that is displayed inside RingDNA. They were now able to give their agents contextual information on what properties people owned, their location, and what sorts of properties they were — all highly attractive features.

“We need a simple, clean, and efficient process. With RingDNA, we’re able to easily customize the data displayed from Salesforce so that our agents see exactly what they need.” – Director of Sales Operations


After purchasing the RingDNA, call tracking within Salesforce improved at this commercial real estate company by close to 90% since they no longer had to rely on agents to log calls manually. This allowed them to start tracking all the metrics they had been wondering about, helping them to make coaching, hiring, and pipeline decisions by utilizing the data.

Now, their agents save on average 18 hours a month by automating the small tasks that would ordinarily take their attention away from calls. “If Revenue.io was taken away, our agents simply wouldn’t be able to function.” said the sales operations leader.

They were thrilled with how easy it was to get the communications hub up and running. Implementation was quick and easy, and when the entire team had to transition to remote work due to COVID-19, it only took a day. Agents could place calls from their cell phones using call forwarding, which wouldn’t have been possible with their previous telephony system.

When they onboarded new hires, they found that RingDNA’s ease of use significantly cut down on onboarding times. According to the Director of Sales Operations, “It takes no time at all to get an agent up and running with Revenue.io.”

This case study features Los Angeles-based commercial real estate brokerage specializing in net lease and multifamily investments. As a national advisory firm, they provide a first-class commercial real estate experience through collaboration, transparency, and innovation.

"After using Revenue.io for about two years, it’s such an easy thing to recommend."

– Director of Sales Operations