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Here’s Why You Should Monitor Your Rep’s Sales Calls

2 min readJuly 22, 2020

James Cash Penney, the wildly successful businessman who founded the J.C. Penney chain of stores, once remarked, “The art of effective listening is essential to clear communication, and clear communication is necessary to management success.” Penney’s words are just as true today, and highly applicable to inside sales.

To be successful, sales managers need the ability to listen to their reps in real time. We’re happy to report that with our new Call Monitoring feature, sales managers can do just that. This was one of our most asked-for features and it’s easy to understand why. The ability to monitor calls is nothing short of a game changer.

Here are five ways that call monitoring can improve your sales team’s success rates.

Learn from A-Players

Are there one or two reps on your sales team that are smashing their numbers out of the park? It’s not uncommon for one or two reps to sail far ahead of the rest of the pack. By monitoring your all-star reps while they’re in action, you can gain a clearer understanding of what really works. You can then see whether any of these attributes are repeatable. As an example, suppose that your top performing rep is more inquisitive than other reps. You might be able to train the rest of your team to ask more questions (and close rates might go up as a result.)

Train Reps Faster

Call Monitoring is a fantastic tool for coaching new reps. Listen to reps as they make and take calls. Then, after calls, you can provide feedback that can help them succeed. Another way that call monitoring can accelerate the training process is by enabling new reps to listen in as seasoned reps pitch to prospects.

Offer Reps Assistance

If you listen in on a call and hear a rep stumped by a question, you can send them the answer through Google Chat. This can help reps close better, without having to interrupt or transfer calls.

Join Calls at Will

Monitoring calls works well in conjunction with are call barging feature. If you are listening in on a call and a rep needs assistance, you can join the call at will. When necessary, you can help clarify details or take over in the event that a customer is either unhappy or wishes to escalate a call (which in sales can be a good thing!)

Keep Tabs on Your Team in Real Time

Even if your reps are making and taking calls from disparate locations, with call monitoring, you can stay fully connected to your sales team. Our Mission Control Dashboard enables you to see which reps are on calls. And then you can spot check the quality of calls and make sure your team is staying on message.

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