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Report: What’s Keeping Sales Leaders up at Night?

1 min readJune 25, 2015

I recently read that the average tenure of an inside sales manager is just 18 months. It’s a staggeringly low timeframe considering that by Forrester’s estimate, we CMOs – who once had the least job stability in SaaS – stay in their jobs for five years. That began a quest to find out what challenges sales leaders are facing.

We asked sales leaders one simple question: what emerging trends are actually threatening sales success?3d-cover-up-at-night

The answers were strikingly uniform:

  • Difficulty hiring
  • Low outbound sales reach rates
  • Reps don’t respond to leads quickly enough
  • Increased noise on LinkedIn
  • Poor data quality


We packaged up the details and associated actionable tips in our latest eBook, What’s Keeping Sales Leaders up at Night? Trends, Challenges & Actionable Tips You Can Use Right Now.

You’ll learn how to successfully hire an all-star sales team, radically improve outbound reach rates, improve the quality of your sales data and connect with more sales-ready prospects. As a bonus, we featured wisdom from SalesFolk’s Heather R. Morgan, RingLead‘s John Kosturos and QuotaFactory‘s Peter Gracey.

Get it for free now.