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Upcoming Webinar: Why Guided Selling is the Next Big Thing

1 min readSeptember 15, 2020

There’s a new revolution in sales, and it’s moving quickly. Guided selling stands to change sales teams forever, and many of the most successful organizations are quickly employing it. In fact, Gartner found that 51% of sales teams have already deployed are plan to deploy guided selling software in the next five years.

As B2B sales cycles lengthen, slow or disappear, Gartner recommends that B2B sales teams adopt guided selling and conversation intelligence tools to maximize their chances on every single deal.

Join TOPO Sr. Analyst Dan Gottlieb, TOPO Sr. Analyst Debbie Bender, Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown and Sales Enablement Podcast host Andy Paul in an exclusive webinar as they discuss:

  • What is guided selling software?
  • How is it different from traditional sales engagement or sales acceleration software?
  • How can it fuel outbound account based selling models as well as inbound models?

Sign up for the webinar on September 17th, here.