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Upcoming Webinar: Tips for Maximizing Teamwork and Productivity With Remote Sales Teams

2 min readMarch 17, 2020

In light of recent events, numerous companies are taking their teams remote. This means that many sales managers are either taking their sales reps remote, or are operating a geographically dispersed team for the first time.

When you manage a remote sales team, there is an incredible amount of nuances to be considered. How do you keep salespeople engaged and feeling like they are a part of the team? How do you motivate remote employees? What does coaching look like you’re not sitting within earshot of your team?

The fact is that sales coaching becomes even more important during remote work, and you can leverage it during this time to ensure your sales team maintains their pace so you can still meet your monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.

It’s not just sales teams that are adjusting to this new work arrangement. Prospects who were looking to grow their business a week ago, now are not interested in anything, and that’s why you need to coach your reps on the right messaging so they can maintain a relationship with that potential customer.

Revenue.io has supported remote and dispersed teams since its inception, and its leadership and managers have a depth of experience in managing, supporting, and leading remote teams to success.

Therefore, this month we’re holding a webinar on maximizing teamwork and productivity with remote teams. Andy Paul, Sales Expert and two-time Bestselling Author will join Howard Brown, Founder and CEO of Revenue.io to cover critical topics surrounding remote coaching, mentoring, and pitfalls to avoid.

Discussion points include:

  • Practical advice to build a healthy remote sales culture
  • What a coaching structure can look like when you are working remotely
  • Tips for maximizing sales productivity in a remote working environment

If you want guidance on how to take a sales team remote and continue success, register now.