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The Next Chapter in AI-Powered Sales Mastery is Here: Real-Time Meeting Guidance

Revenue Blog  > The Next Chapter in AI-Powered Sales Mastery is Here: Real-Time Meeting Guidance
2 min readJune 14, 2023

With shrinking engagement time and an increasing number of sales objections, sales leaders need to equip reps with any advantage they can get to deliver better customer experiences and move deals forward.

The good news? Selling just got easier. Enter Revenue.io for Microsoft Teams Meetings – a game-changing innovation that combines the power of AI and real-time conversation coaching to empower your team to:

  • Ask all the right questions in context of sales stage or role
  • Overcome objections with the perfect answer in real-time
  • Answer tough product questions
  • Recommend the right content based on what buyers or customers say and need

For years, Revenue.io has empowered customers to do all of the above during voice conversations. But let’s face it – video meetings are where the most meaningful interactions happen today. Your AEs, sales engineers, success reps and other people who engage with buyers and customers need real-time conversation coaching on live video calls.

Gone are the days of missed opportunities or stumbling over objections. Revenue.io ensures that your team performs at its best, even when you can’t be there in person.

Contextual AI-Powered Coaching by Stage

If you’re thinking this is one-size-fits-all, think again. Guidance can be configured for:

  • Entire teams
  • Specific individuals who need to work on specific tactics or scenarios
  • Specific sales stages that require specific questions, action items or content to move things forward (as configured in Salesforce)
  • Roles (as configured in Salesforce)

AI-Powered Nirvana For Managers, Too

What if your brilliant coaching could be everywhere all at once?

Say goodbye to old-school ride-alongs and texting or slacking your reps to get them to say and do the right things. Now, your coaching – your voice and directives – can be omnipresent for your reps in every single meeting they take.

What’s more, you can measure:

  • Which reps are adhering to your guidance, and how often are they doing it?
  • What are the outcomes of AI-powered coaching?
  • Which guidance is effective and not effective?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but you get the idea. For the first time, you’ll actually be able to understand how well your reps are performing in meetings with granular details. That data will make your 1:1 coaching sessions and team sessions with reps all the more valuable.

In addition, you’ll be able to see:

  • Entire meeting transcripts that are incredibly accurate
  • Who said what (individual buyers, customers and reps)
  • Sentiment throughout the meeting

All in all, Revenue.io for Microsoft Teams Meetings empowers your sales team to win more deals and deliver better customer experiences. Unlock your team’s potential, exceed buyer expectations, and drive increased revenue by signing up for a demo today or reaching out to your customer success manager at Revenue.io.