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Hot New Dialer Feature: Add & Edit Inbound Phone Leads and Contacts to Salesforce from Revenue

2 min readJune 9, 2016

Imagine you’re an inbound sales rep. You get a call from a lead that is not yet in Salesforce (if they were in Salesforce, Revenue.io would automatically show you who they are, how they’ve engaged with your company in the past, and what to say to them). They’ve never filled out a form before. They just looked at your site, liked what they saw and dialed sales. Ordinarily, you’d need to spend time after the call going into salesforce and creating a new lead record. But what if that process could be a lot easier?

We’re constantly working on new features to make our customers even more productive. Earlier this year, we introduced some new functionality that really improves sales reps’ productivity when handling inbound calls from unknown leads.

Revenue.io now makes it easy for reps to add new leads and contacts to Salesforce directly from their dialer. This saves reps a lot of time, while making it easier than ever to capture vital prospect data in Salesforce. Here is a really quick walk-through that shows how fast it is now to add new leads and contacts to Salesforce right from your dialer.

Adding New Leads

STEP 1: After calls with an unknown caller, click Add New.

STEP 2: Select lead.

STEP 3: Enter in the lead details.

STEP 4: Click save.

STEP 5: The new lead will now be added to Salesforce.

Adding New Contacts

STEP 1: After calls with an unknown caller, click Add New.

STEP 2: Select contact.

STEP 3: Enter  details.

STEP 4: Search for the account with which you would like to associate the contact.

STEP 5: Select the correct account.

STEP 6: Click Save.

STEP 7: The new contact will now be added to Salesforce.