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How to Provide Real-Time Sales Coaching to Reinforce Training

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2 min readJuly 26, 2022

Everyone knows the shocking statistic about sales development reps forgetting 90% of their training within the first month, but few sales teams have a plan in place to combat this. Sales coaches don’t have enough time to repeat their entire onboarding training every month, and reps need to spend more of their time on revenue-driving activities.

Enter the Revenue.io coaching suite, a sales coaching platform that empowers managers to reinforce sales training at scale, automatically providing reps with tailored guidance at the exact moment they need it.

In this video, Revenue.io Vice President of Sales Ryan Vaillancourt demonstrates how we at Revenue.io use the coaching suite to drive down sales ramp up time and reinforce critical sales training in real time.

Cut sales ramp up time

Conversation AI provides a simple way for reps to flag which calls they need coaching on. When a rep clicks the Coach button in the dialer, Conversation AI sends a notification to their manager to listen to that specific call. This eliminates the need for sales coaches to waste time searching for which calls require coaching.

As an example, Ryan focuses on a call made by Micah, a new sales development representative at Revenue.io. He gives Micah written feedback on his tone by creating an annotation tied to his call opener. This makes it easy for Micah to digest personalized feedback from his manager.

This powerful coaching tool enables reps to ramp faster because it targets their specific needs and provides ways to fix them. But Revenue.io’s coaching suite goes beyond this to offer real-time guidance to reps when they need it.

Deliver real-time coaching guidance

When coaches have a specific call open, they can navigate to the Actions drop-down menu and select Coach with Moments™. This brings them to Moments™, the real-time component of Revenue.io’s conversation intelligence coaching suite.

Ryan creates a Moments™ notification related to Micah’s tone. When Micah makes his next sales call, he will receive a notification while the phone is still ringing that reminds him to sound engaged. This is the perfect way to remind Micah to focus on his tone at the start of every call.

Coaching with Moments™ allows you to create notifications for a range of different use cases, including specific messaging for handling objections, pricing questions and more. New reps will be able to sell like experts in no time.

Moments™ also utilizes AI-powered conversation intelligence to automatically provide critical information to reps in real time based on what surfaces in the conversation. For example, when a prospect mentions a specific competitor, Moments™ can automatically provide your rep with the relevant battlecard to tackle that situation.

The Revenue.io coaching suite can level up your team’s sales productivity by cutting sales rep ramp time and delivering important information exactly when reps need it. It’s like your reps have a coach right there with them on every single call.