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How to Increase Win Rates with Real-Time Conversation Guidance

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2 min readAugust 9, 2022

Think back to the pivotal moments in your life: receiving an acceptance letter from your dream college, meeting your partner for the first time, holding up the championship trophy with your team surrounding you.

You weren’t alone. Someone was there to help you.

Did you get into college because a favorite teacher wrote you a letter of recommendation? Did you muster up the courage to approach your future partner because a friend encouraged you? Did you win that crucial game because your coach made you practice on Saturday?

Sales is no different.

There are critical moments in every sale where the stakes are high. Those are the moments when reps feel pressure to say the perfect thing. They might need a relevant piece of content, a tip for overcoming a certain objection or information on a specific competitor.

In these moments of truth, reps need AI-powered conversation guidance about what to say and how to say it. This sales training software enables reps to win more by receiving pertinent information in real time.

The shortcomings of training

The majority of reps are missing quota. That’s a huge problem.

More than that, B2B sales reps forget 70% of the information they learn within a week of training, and 87% of it within a month.

Without a way to reinforce their training, reps are struggling in those key conversations with buyers. They simply don’t know what to say.

Of course, more training isn’t the answer. Managers need sales training software that automatically reinforces training in real time. That way, reps can spend their time making more calls and booking more meetings, knowing they have access to all the information they need to succeed in those conversations.

The secret to success

What are the top sales leaders doing to help their reps hit quota?

They’re giving their reps the right messaging and important reminders at the right moment.

When a buyer asks about a competitor, AI-powered conversation guidance provides reps with the right answer at the exact moment they need it. Reps have the situational awareness necessary to understand the buyer’s pain points and goals.

And it’s not only one key moment per sale. There are typically 8 to 13 people on a buying committee, each of whom has disparate needs and desires. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on reps to know how to personalize messaging to resonate with every single buyer persona.

Real-time guidance gives reps what they need to be at their best in every single conversation. It’s the most effective way to automatically reinforce training and help them win. After all, no one can succeed in key moments alone.

To guide reps with critical information at the exact moment they need it, check out Moments™ by Revenue.io, the conversation intelligence leader in the Forrester Wave.