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How to Build Your Sales Dream Team

2 min readApril 29, 2016

What’s the single most important factor contributing to B2B sales success? A first-rate product, highly targeted data and top sales technologies are essential, to be sure. But even the best sales stacks won’t help subpar sales talent.

twitter_image-880x440Hiring and training the right talent has never been more important or difficult. Most newly hired sales reps have less than two years’ actual experience, and according to David Skok, it takes SaaS companies 23 months to start recouping the investment of those hires.

If you’re like me, 23 months to getting revenue positive on any hire is way, WAY too long to wait.

So how are top companies quickly hiring, training and coaching reps to success? We’ll answer that question during the webinar I’m modererating on Tuesday May 3rd. I’ll have the opportunity to ask three world class sales experts how they evaluate inexperienced talent and coach them into winners.

Our experts – including two wildly successful tech co-founders and a senior director of global demand – built sales teams that acquired some of the largest customer companies in the world, including HP Enterprise, Oracle, AAA, Intuit, GE, Hubspot, Marketo and others.

How did they do it? I think the answers will surprise you.

Join us if:

  • You’re tired of churning through inexperienced sales reps
  • Your newly hired SDRs have less than 3 years of experience
  • It takes far too long to train up reps and make them productive

(the webinar WILL BE RECORDED, so register even if you can’t make it on May 3rd)

Have a question you’d like to see covered? Connect with me in advance, and I’ll try to fit it in, or simply ask during the webinar. There will be plenty of time for great questions.  

See you there!