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Wrike uses Revenue to Double Sales Reach Rates and Measure Success


  • Onboard quickly, with no downtime
  • Engage with more sales-ready prospects daily
  • Real-time insight into reps’ call activities and outcomes


  • RingDNA, the Global Communications Hub
  • Revenue.io Local Presence
  • Revenue.io Call Metrics for Salesforce


  • Wrike implemented quickly with zero downtime
  • Reps reached 200% more prospects by phone
  • Management helped maximize reps’ performance thanks to real-time call metrics

Wrike is the leading project management tool and cloud software for high-performance team collaboration. The company provides teams with a unique platform for online collaboration on multiple projects in one workspace in real time and is now the most customizable tool of its kind. The fast-growing company was founded in 2007 and has and raised $10M from Bain Capital Ventures. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Wrike is operated by a passionate team that is focused on top-notch engineering and design, usability, and dedicated customer care. Wrike’s diversified, international customer base includes well-known brands, such as ECCO, Deloitte, Adobe, EMC, Stanford University and many others.

"Revenue.io call data is something we could not live without. And thanks to the improved call connection rates from Local Presence, our reps are now able to spend twice as much time actually engaged with prospects by phone."

Erik Kostelnik, Global Sales Director, Wrike


Wrike, the leading project management tool and cloud software for high-performance team collaboration, was in the position of needing to scale a sales team quickly to match an exponentially increasing flow of inbound leads. To successfully scale their sales organization, Wrike began investigating sales acceleration technology to improve call connection rates. And since Wrike is a metrics-driven sales culture, they also needed a solution that provided real-time insight into performance metrics like call time and connection rates. Finally, Wrike needed a system that worked seamlessly with Salesforce, which forms the core of the organization’s technology stack.

Previously, Wrike used communications software vendors including Fonality and Counterpath, but needed a communications platform that could truly accelerate sales. Revenue.io offered advantages over the other vendors that Wrike investigated, including quick onboarding time, deep Salesforce integration and powerful call metrics dashboards.

Revenue.io’s instant onboarding made scaling painless, as Wrike’s team grew from 4 to 43 inside sales reps over the course of a year. Wrike has expanded its use of Revenue.io to include Local Presence, which as improved call connection rates, doubling reps’ engagement with high-quality leads.