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Prioritized Sales Recommendations

Take the Happy Path to Revenue. Every. Single. Time.

Keep reps laser-focused on driving revenue with dynamic sales recommendations.

Always Know Your Next Best Move

Imagine playing a game of chess where you always knew the next best move. Guided Selling removes the complexity from sales by revealing to reps in real time who they should reach out to, and whether to call, email, text and more.

Guided Selling even reveals what reps should say by providing templates and content that feature the messaging most likely to move the deal forward.

Keep Reps Focused on Revenue-Critical Activities

Guided Selling is built to support even the most dynamic sales teams, and can automatically shift the accounts or leads that reps priorities in real time based on important signals from email engagement, form submissions, contact downloads and more.

With Guided Selling, reps start their day with Engage, a list of perfectly prioritized next best sales actions. But sales is dynamic, so as prospects respond to emails, fill out forms or download content, priorities often shift. With Engage, reps never have to wonder what to do next.

Intelligently Optimize Your Sales Playbook

Guided Selling gives you plenty of options to implement and optimize your playbook at scale. We provide templates and real-time insight in dashboards that empower sales leaders to quickly test and measure what is working and what isn’t.

As an example, if you discover your most valuable leads are the ones that attend webinars, you can ensure those leads are always top priority.

Replace Tedious Training with Real-time Guidance

When reps always know the next best action, you don’t have to invest in extensive sales training for new reps.

Guided Selling dramatically reduces the time required to bring reps to full productivity by recommending the next best account, lead or contact for reps to engage with, along with the right messaging, cadence and communication channel. So training can be replaced with dynamic guided recommendations.