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Revenue-Critical Support for Medical Device Companies

Keep Up with Patient and Client Demand With A Complete Remote Sales Productivity Solution

Drive Patient Adherence with More Productive and Responsive Sales and Support

Ensure Rapid Response

Understanding your patients is more important than ever. Route every patient to the right rep with the data they need to respond and adapt in real time

Coach from Anywhere

Gain complete visibility and scale quality assurance across all team calls

Reduce Patient Acquisition Cost

Acquire more new patients at a lower cost with compliant, AI-powered conversation intelligence solutions for healthcare sales and marketing teams

High-velocity Dialing, Email & SMS

Coaching and Management Tools

CRM Data Capture

Instant Remote Call Center

Lead Prioritization

Actionable Metrics

Keep Up With New and Existing Patient Demand

Experiencing more demand from patients looking for in-home medical solutions? Our intelligent call routing and lead prioritization features ensure that your team is ready to respond the moment that a patient is ready to have a conversation.

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Stay Connected to Your Team

Even when your reps are working remotely, Revenue.io delivers turnkey dashboards that keep you connected to your team in real time. Know which reps are on calls, how many calls reps make each day and which reps are booking the most appointments.

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How a $1B Medical Device Company Scaled Remote Sales

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Set Up a Remote Call Center in Minutes

Revenue.io provides a suite of remote call center tools including call forwarding, call transferring and conference calling. Remote reps can be onboarded and helping patients in minutes, not days. And whether reps are taking calls from their browser of cell phone, all data is logged in Salesforce automatically.

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100% CRM Adoption and Automated Insights

Remote reps love Revenue.io because it fits right into their workflow. As your reps help new patients by phone, email, text or Zoom meeting, Revenue.io automatically logs all critical data in Salesforce. Gain a real-time view of reps’ activities while simultaneously giving reps more time to communicate with patients.

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See how Revenue.io can accelerate your team’s productivity and performance.

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