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How Superconsumers Drive Your B2B Sales Growth. With Eddie Yoon [Episode 574]

Eddie Yoon, Founder of EddieWouldGrow, and author of Superconsumers: A Simple, Speedy, and Sustainable Path to Superior Growth, joins me on this episode.


Eddie says the single biggest challenge facing sales reps today is managing their emotions. They don’t deserve all the credit when things go well, or all the blame when things go poorly. They must elevate a client’s interests above their own.

If you want something too much, you are less likely to get it. You control your inputs, not the outputs. Eddie suggests reps should ask clients to make decisions mindful not only of the performance of the business, but also of its health.

Eddie’s book is geared for B2C. Eddie notes the difference between heavy users and superconsumers. A superconsumer spends a lot and cares a lot about the category and the brand. A heavy buyer just spends a lot.

Eddie talks about a brand example: Gatorade. Eddie explains who the Gatorade superconcumers are, and their behaviors around sports drinks.

Superconsumers tap into aspirations. Typical consumers buy at the rational level, on need and price. Superconsumers are motivated by image and hope.

Superconsumers account for a large percentage of sales, and is not price-sensitive. Superconsumers are made, not born. They learn life hacks, and others can learn the same hacks. Normal and heavy consumers can develop passion.

Superconsumers are brand-conscious. They spend their time posting about the category and brand, just as they spend their money buying it.

In general, people do not know how to read big data. Spikes in the data are where the “good stuff” is found. Spikes are usually the work of superconsumers. Superconsumers in one category may be superconsumers in nine others.

Eddie discusses how superconsumers affect B2B SaaS sales. Look for the superconsumers of time using the product. Know your stakeholders. Word of mouth in B2B is as important as in B2C. Meet the needs of the superconsumers.

In B2B, you are not just looking for the heavy users, but for users who are very engaged in unique and alternative use cases. Eddie shares anecdotes of his experience.

Superconsumers want premium experiences. Apple has the highest sales per square foot for retail stores. Superconsumers show you new use cases, revealing new lines of customers you never knew you had.