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10 of the best email subject lines for sales teams

4 min readMarch 11, 2020

Email is one of the best tools a salesperson can have. It is highly efficient, can easily contact mass amounts of leads and prospects within minutes, and can be highly targeted to a sales reps’ most relevant audiences.

Sales emails can also be used in conjunction with sales calls, as they increase the effectiveness of one another and make up great prospecting cadences.

Email also enables reps to converse with multiple prospects within a short amount of time. This allows salespeople to better engage with multiple stakeholders and manage multiple parallel deals at any given time.

Over 281 billion emails are sent every day, but how many of those get opened? As of 2019, the average email open rate across all industries was only 13.94 percent. As useful as sales emails are, they are worthless unless prospects actually read them.

A great email subject line is the only way to guarantee your email will get read. So, here are 10 of the best sales email subject lines that will get your emails read.

Best email subject lines for cold prospecting

1. suggested we get in touch

Referrals are one of the most powerful ways to develop deals in sales. People trust their friends and peers far more than they trust salespeople, and are more likely to be open and receptive if someone they know referred you.

If you have a referral, highlight it first and foremost in your sales email’s subject line so that your prospect will be sure to open it.

2. to help you with

Sales is not all about you. You will be far more successful in sales when you put the needs of your prospects first. With this sales email subject line, highlight the benefit that you and your company will provide your prospect with to solve the problem(s) that they are experiencing.

Take pain points and the ways that you and your company ameliorated them from clients in similar industries as those that you are targeting. This proven experience will help you win deals further down the pipeline.

3. I just tried to call you

When sales calls and emails are used in conjunction with one another, their effectiveness is multiplied. Use this subject line when your sales call is not answered. In the body, include the pitch you would have delivered on the phone, as well as something of value, like an ebook or piece of premium content that will peak your prospect’s interest.

4. 2 Minutes to your success

Again, this should be all about your prospect. Highlight the amount of time it will take to read the email, so they will be more likely to open it quickly, knowing it will be not much of an investment. In the body, cover how you and your company will make them more successful.

Best email subject lines to send before a demo

5. Excited to meet with you about

A quick reminder email the day before, or even an hour before your demo will help ensure that your prospect will not miss it. In this email subject line, include pain points that you uncovered in previous conversations.

This is your opportunity to build excitement for your demo and start strengthening buy-in before they even see the product.

Best email subject lines for after a demo

6. Recap and next steps

Just because you completed a demo doesn’t mean your prospect will buy. In this email reaffirm the discussion you had, highlight key parts of the demo that your prospects enjoyed, answer any questions that they may not have had a clear response to, and quell any fears they had.

This is also the opportunity to lay out or recount next steps so you can ensure everyone is still on the same page.

7. More information about and

Best email subject lines to follow up with

8. I’d love your feedback on our last discussion

If you have a prospect who has gone unresponsive, ask them for feedback or how you could improve your performance. Ideally this will not only get them to respond, but will reopen the door to a sales conversation.

9. Meet on ?

Again, if a prospect as gone cold, try sending them a meeting request. The serious prompt should spur action, even with they respond with a no, you know you can remove the deal from your pipeline.

Best email subject lines for reigniting old opportunities

10. Meet or exceed your goals this year with

Past opportunities are an excellent source of quick, warm, and qualified leads that you can use when you in need of deals to fill your pipeline. Use this email subject line to speak directly to the one thing we all have in common, professional goals.

You’re trying to meet your own goals, and your prospect is too, use this subject line to help yourself by helping them.