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Learning the Importance of Training Sales Reps – Using Call Recording Techniques with Steve Richard [Episode 112]

In this episode, Steve Richard (co-founder of Vorsight and VorsightBP) discusses using call recording techniques to train sales reps. Steve is also the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer for Exec Vision, which focuses on conversational insights to transform the way executives understand their business.

What is ExecVision?

ExecVision uses the data from conversations with clients to help companies turn their everyday conversations into powerful learning tools. Most companies don’t, but should, use their sales calls as a training tool

The reasons most companies don’t use the sales calls for training purposes.

  • Hard to find a call
  • Hard to find the right part of the call
  • Hard to share the call
  • Hard to score the call
  • Hard to annotate the call

ExecVision can solve the above issues.

  • Calls come in automatically
  • Calls combine with CRM data
  • Transcribes calls
  • Search for specific keywords

Why asking the WHY questions is important.

Sales reps always ask the ‘what’ or ‘how’ questions, while ultimately forgetting to ask the ‘why’ questions. If you use ExecVision, you can type in the word WHY and see how many times it comes up. Now businesses will be able to coach in an efficient matter using the data they receive from the transcriptions of the calls.

Why you can’t just give your sales rep a playbook.

The reason you can’t just give your sales reps a playbook is because humans are visual learners, they need to hear the calls to learn how to deal with the different types of scenarios. You can script out as much as you want, you can have a playbook all that you want, but ultimately it is about repetition. No two people that you talk to will be alike. Sales reps have to develop the expertise and the experience.

Why are call recording laws so misunderstood?

Steve is not a lawyer, but he has done research on what is acceptable and what is not. There are twelve, two-party consent states and the rest are one-party consent states. There are different laws for outbound as well as inbound calling.

Learn More About Steve Richard:

What’s the most powerful sales tool in your arsenal?

DemoChimp (coming soon), SalesLoft and Mobile Day (free)

Who’s your sales role model?

Tom Snyder (Business Partner) taught him about active listening.

What’s the one book that every sales person should read? 

The Joshua Principle: Leadership Secrets of RSVPselling by Tony Hughes

What’s your favorite music to listen to psych yourself up for an important sales call?

Heart or Phil Collins

What’s the one question you get asked most frequently by sales people?

When is it time to let them go?

What’s the first sales activity you do every day?

Look at pipeline