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Local Presence Dialing Just got a Lot More Effective

2 min readJuly 14, 2016

As virtually every sales rep knows, Local Presence Dialing is a game-changer for outbound inside sales teams. Without localized caller ID, it can be tough to get prospects to pick up their phones. But with it, dialing from local numbers can lift call connection rates by up to 400%.

International Local Presence DialingBut we here at Revenue.io have never been easily satisfied, and our product team has been busy continuously improving our localized dialing capabilities to meet the demands of global enterprise companies. Without question, we now offer the most sophisticated local dialing system available.

This isn’t your father’s old local presence. It’s far better. Here’s how:

Permanent Local Presence Numbers

Are your reps constantly calling into the same countries or area codes? If so, leaving a message can be a bit awkward if you don’t have a permanent local call-back number. Revenue.io has solved that problem, giving your reps “permanent” local phone numbers, rather than relying solely on numbers from a dynamic pool. Permanent local presence numbers are also perfect for emails and business cards in defined territories.

Dynamic International Local Presence

Sure, it’s nice to ensure that your reps always dial from a local area code when prospecting in San Francisco. But what if your reps are dialing prospects in Berlin, Sydney, Tokyo or London? Prospects are far less likely to pick up calls from out-of-country numbers. But Revenue.io empowers sales teams that sell internationally to dial prospects from local numbers throughout much of the globe, including Australia, Europe and much of Africa and Asia.

Best of all, Revenue.io is 100% dynamic, so no matter where you’re doing business, your reps can effortlessly improve call connection rates. That’s a big step from asking reps to remember to manually switch their outbound caller ID each time they dial a new country.

Local Presence Calls Back are Automatically Routed to the Right Reps

Last week, we had another company check out our local presence capability and respond with a common refrain: “Wait – you can do that? Our provider told us it was impossible!” Oh, it’s possible. In fact, it’s standard with Revenue.io. With most local presence dialing systems, callbacks are routed to a general sales number. With Revenue.io, returned calls are automatically routed to the rep who called in the first place. This removes a lot of friction, and also ensures that prospects are always talking to the right reps.

So, are you ready to upgrade from your father’s local presence system? Contact us today.

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