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Why B2B Buyers’ Don’t Like Being Sold To, with Peter Strohkorb [Episode 971]

Peter Strohkorb is a Sales Acceleration Expert and author of the titled Smarketing – Sell smarter, not harder: For CEOs, Business Leaders, Sales Executives and Marketing Leaders who want to boost Sales Performance. In today’s episode Peter and I talk about why he believes that modern B2B buyers don’t like being sold to any longer. And why B2B buyers’ tolerance for cold solicitations is completely gone. We dive into why buyers, rather than being ambushed, now want to be educated, guided and advised by someone they perceive as a subject matter expert to help them make informed purchasing decisions. We dig into how sellers need to adjust their selling process to reflect their buyers’ buying process. Then Peter and I dive into the 10 steps in his Smarketing Buyer Focused Sales Funnel.

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