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What Makes a Modern Seller? With Amy Franko [Episode 686]

Amy Franko, sales & leadership keynote speaker and author of the new book, The Modern Seller: Sell More and Increase Your Impact in the New Sales Economy, joins me on this episode.


  • Amy wrote an article on the business case for sales enablement. Does everyone understand what sales enablement is? What is missing from sales training methods? 80% of CEOs see no value in sales training.
  • Amy tells how to build sustainable sales enablement in an organization. Build relationships with the influencers. Look at the pieces of sales enablement in the enterprise. Consider the top three things to do for the best impact.
  • Amy thinks that the practical implementation of enablement at the field level and feedback from the field on what’s working are most often missing. There must be links between learning, application, and feedback.
  • Education should be included in sales enablement. Relationship building is not something that fits into a training process. Andy says we train pets; we educate people. Set aside time for learning.
  • Andy’s sales education consisted of training in processes and making calls with sales managers who demonstrated the skills of selling. Having the right sales leader makes all the difference to what you do in the field, says Amy.
  • Andy explains the difference between coaching and mentoring. You need a learning plan as well as a sales plan. Amy sought out mentors. She didn’t wait. She still talks with them, years later. Actively seek out learning.
  • Andy offers a book study program to organizations to set aside 30 minutes a day. Salespeople spend a third of the day selling. There is a time in the day for education. Managers also need to accept the role of a mentor.
  • Amy just published The Modern Seller. A modern seller is a differentiator and a leader. They are acknowledged by clients and prospects as someone who makes a difference for them. They also add insight to the product.
  • Amy sees five dimensions sellers develop that make them modern: agile, entrepreneurial, holistic, social, and ambassador. These are the skills behind the sales skills.
  • Agile means a fluid thinker, a continuous learner, one who deals well with ambiguity and who has a growth mindset. Entrepreneurial people see themselves as the CEO of their book of business. How can SDRs do this? It takes vision.
  • Holistic refers to investing your finite time, energy, and discipline in the best way to impact your results directly. Social is investing in your networks and relationships. Studies show Boomers are the best LinkedIn networkers.
  • An Ambassador is a bridge between their organization and the community. They embody the values of their organization but stand uniquely in their own brand. They take a win and turn it into lifetime loyalty and value.