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What Can You Learn from the Best Salespeople? With Paul Cherry [Episode 701]

Paul Cherry, author of the new book, The Ultimate Sales Pro: What the Best Salespeople Do Differently, joins me again on this episode.


  • The book is for salespeople to develop and accelerate their growth. It looks at over 1,000 interviews and observations of sales professionals in major industries.
  • Be in charge of your development. Reps need grounding in the basics of becoming a professional salesperson. Leverage your strengths — don’t just meet the metrics.
  • One chapter is called “Sales First, Relationships Second.” Relationships often devolve into casual service roles. Attempt to pull the client up. Probe with questions to bring new opportunities to the surface.
  • A sales relationship is not a friendship. It is a working, learning relationship. Work together to achieve growth. Small talk is necessary but use it to leverage client news.
  • Andy says responsiveness requires answers to problems. It is value, delivered at speed. Paul suggests responding by email with a request for a call to discuss the issue fully. Tap into a prospect’s passion; don’t just give data.
  • Salespeople are often reluctant to ask ‘power probing’ questions for discovery. Never start a conversation assuming that you ‘know things.’ Mark Twain said his tailor took measurements every time.
  • Paul always asks clients, “Tell me what’s changed since the last time I spoke with you.” Andy asks, “Tell me what you’re thinking about now.” Find what is top-of-mind for them; what has changed. You’ll discover opportunities.
  • Paul suggests including the organization — “Tell me what you and your team are thinking about now.” That shows the decision-making process. Don’t take orders from the purchasing agent but talk to the organization’s leaders.
  • One chapter is called “Don’t Go Native.” Be genuine. Be yourself. Get to the issues that are important to the client. Paul talks to customers about the ROI they want.
  • Think about what you can provide the customer to help them gather information to make a good decision with the least investment of their time and effort as possible.
  • Salespeople are motivated by how they are recognized, rewarded, and incentivized. Paul talks about KPIs. The company has to be profitable, at the end of the day.
  • Salespeople need a sense of ownership in their business. Andy had the opportunity to take risks in his early days in sales. Salespeople need room to grow and breathe. A company should fit the KPIs to the strengths of the rep.