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Providing Interactive Buying Experiences, with Matt Suggs [Episode 697]

Matt Suggs, EVP of Sales at Mediafly, joins me on this episode.


  • B2B buyer behavior is changing as a result of access to information online and at trade shows. Matt suggests sales reps must assess what misinformation a buyer may have prior to digging into product features.
  • In the technology space, the pace of innovation is greater than the pace of the distribution of product knowledge. Matt says analysts cannot keep up with product releases.
  • Matt notes the alliance of communities of systems integrator partners, customer user groups, and analysts joining to provide information on products and providers.
  • What is the actual point of entry into the buying process? Matt describes what “ready to buy” means from the customer’s point of view.
  • Mediafly management reports start tracking when a customer commits resources to a formal evaluation with the intent to make a purchase.
  • Matt shares some Mediafly customer use cases.
  • MillerCoors uses Mediafly to keep track of tap handles in bars and show bar owners data on the profitability of premium light beers vs. craft beers. Mediafly data is also useful in selling beer to grocery stores.
  • The Mediafly app allows a rep to select a specific store and compare their MillerCoors product sales to the competitor product sales, updated to the moment for that store, derived from Nielsen and Mediafly data.
  • A customer needs data insights for the go/no-go decision. If you are the vendor that provides those data insights, you take a major step toward getting the sale. Don’t depend only on your stock Powerpoint deck!
  • Mediafly started by assisting large enterprises with sales-ready content and measuring the effective use of the content. They evolved a selling model that provides a conversational interactive customer experience.
  • Mediafly allows a sales rep to weave data insights into a seamless presentation assembled by the rep from a collection of content. Mediafly works with their customers so reps can sort and format their data insights for sales.
  • Matt explains how to get from data insights to a value proposition. A client can use a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator from Mediafly to show their customers the dollars and cents impact of making the change.