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Increase Your Call Planning Effectiveness. With Matt Sniff [Episode 597]

Matt Sniff, Founder & CEO at Map My Customers, joins me on this episode.


  • Matt says the single biggest challenge facing sales reps today is efficiency. Matt was introduced to sales by his father. In those days there were few tools. Learn new tools to boost productivity. Time is money.
  • Outside of Silicon Valley, most sales reps are field sales reps. Silicon Valley is just now emphasizing H2H (Human to Human) sales.
  • Map My Customers started in 2015, in the Bay Area; then Matt moved back home to the East. The app supercharges an outside rep’s productivity to stay engaged with customers and close more sales.
  • Matt’s father came to Matt, an engineer, and asked him to solve a sales route issue. Matt developed a mapping app and his father showed it around. Matt put it on the app store and it built enough revenue to start a company.
  • Matt and his father have a great relationship. Matt wrote a blog about building a father & son high-tech company. Matt loves his father’s mentorship on the sales side.
  • Map My Customers is a mobile app with several value propositions: data visualization, account targeting, and route optimization. Reps often buy it with their own money, for its efficiency and value added to their success.
  • The big value is being able to identify strategically the accounts you want to go see, based on filters you set. It serves reps best who maintain 75 or more accounts. Andy would have liked the ‘Find Nearby,’ when he sold outside.
  • Other features: a business card scanner, automated email, automated follow-ups, automatic reminders, darker icons for accounts not seen recently, filters on top of filters, and customization.
  • The ICP is a sales team of at least 10 reps, each having 75 or more accounts. Pharmaceutical sales and medical device sales have been good accounts for Map My Customer. General IT is another ideal client industry.
  • In many industries, there is a hybrid inside/outside approach, but they will always need field salespeople. Sales means talking to people who buy from people.
  • Map My Customer, a SaaS company, does most of their selling inside, but they do go out to meet bigger customers. Cold calling is another tool they use.
  • The goal of Map My Customers is to automate all field sales tasks, by involving more data science and cadences. 90% of their clients use it as a mini-CRM instead of linking to a CRM. There is potential for more features to aid reps.