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How to use Podcasts to Develop New Prospects w/ Kevin Craine [Episode 298]

Kevin and I explore the sales applications of podcasting, novel ways you can reach your prospects with podcasts, and methods to repurpose print and web documents into podcasts.

Joining me on this episode of Accelerate! is Kevin Craine, Host of The Everyday MBA podcast, and Executive Director and Senior Writer at Craine Communications Group, a writing and production firm. We also dig into the customer experience, and direct steps you can take right now, to improve the customer experience across your organization.


Kevin tells how simple it can be to produce a client podcast — a weekly Skype call, audio editing and voiceover, and it’s done.

Why there’s a level of engagement with a podcast that a blog just can’t match.

Why a podcast is an effective content channel as people are not reading like they used to, be it long form content, white papers, or books.

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. A podcast creates an impression of knowledge and connection between the host and listener.

How to combine the impact of blogs and podcasts by mutual links or mentions, and using matching or abridged audio content narrated from your blogs.

How to develop your prospects by inviting them to be guests on your podcasts. It’s a great neutral setting to build rapport and start a sales conversation.

Kevin expands on the value of applying the same approach to your existing customers. Interview customers on your podcast and have them tell your story for you, while sharing their experience.

There are a lot of podcasts, and there will be more. One third of Americans listen. Do you want to ignore a vehicle with potential to contact one third of Americans?

Kevin discusses the major concern of his podcast executive guests — how to improve their customers’ buying experiences.

How to use simple tests to test the buying experience.

Andy wants you to be your customers’ hero. Be fast, be agile, be responsive. Answer them now — don’t let them wait.