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How to Use CRM to Nudge Sales Forward and Get Things Done w/ Michael FitzGerald [Episode 467]

Nothing is more crucial in sales operations than a reliable single source of truth.

Michael FitzGerald, CEO at OnePageCRM, joins me on this episode.


Michael is also the product person at the company, and he asks clients to contact him by email with product issues.

Michael follows David Allen’s GTD task management philosophy. OnePageCRM focuses on getting things done on time. Sales is a sequential set of tasks, and OnePageCRM organizes the tasks proactively in order. Tasks rise as needed.

You should always know the very next action to take with your prospects. So, right after you take an action, you input the next action, while the encounter is fresh, and you have good insight for what is needed, and when.

Each message of value to the prospect should have an expected response, and the response should be followed by a planned new message of value to the prospect. With OnePageCRM, you readily anticipate the prospect’s needs.

Michael designed OnePageCRM for the salesperson, and built it out to meet management reporting needs without burdening the salesperson. It is meant to be as easy as email, and to approach zero admin. Add a contact with one button.

Michael works to reduce the number of questions in people’s heads, both in sales, and for salespeople using the app. Just as the prospect should have a clear buying path, the salesperson should use the CRM easily, without challenges.

The business owner seller is not the intended user of the OnePageCRM; it is most valuable for small sales teams, selling to companies with multiple stakeholders. As its name indicates, it is an interactive list page you work from all day.

Only relevant actions show up on the page. Each sequence is a perpetual loop that continues to the next action and date you have specified, until the sale is complete.

OnePageCRM focuses attention on the one thing to be done, so nothing happens late, or out of sequence.

As Michael learned sales, he kept finding the message, “To increase sales, increase sales actions.” He took this to mean increase calls, mailings, appointments, and other small consistent interactions to build trust. He calls these nudges.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.