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How to Use Ambiguity to Win More Sales w/ Bridget Gleason [Episode 303]

On this week’s episode, Bridget and I delve into dealing with ambiguity — and how to use it to your advantage in sales.

Welcome to another Front Line Friday with my amazing guest, Bridget Gleason.

Join Bridget and me for this episode of Accelerate! as we first answer a listener question about a curiously reluctant manager, and then work our way through a great discussion about how to convert prospect ambiguity from a disturbance into a competitive advantage.


Andy reads a Listener Question from Jay: “My manager doesn’t believe in one-on-ones. I don’t feel like I’m getting enough feedback on how I’m progressing. My boss is all about the metrics, so how do I approach him about getting guidance about what I need to do to get better?”

Bridget suggests a good strategy for approaching his manager.

Andy provides examples about the importance of demonstrating initiative in these situations.

Andy introduces the topic of ambiguity and how to react as buyers, and life, refuses to stick to the script.

Andy provides a story that illustrates the importance of learning to handle ambiguity in dealing with prospects.

Bridget describes why the ability to deal with ambiguity, and to navigate through it, is a requirement for working and thriving in a startup environment.

Andy and Bridget provide answers to how much leeway should your sales reps have to make decisions, and to take the initiative in the face of ambiguity?

Andy tells why ambiguity really puts a premium on, and rewards, the sales people being able to stay in the moment.

Bridget and Andy describe how paying attention to ambiguity can guide you to where the winning opportunity is.