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How To Build Your No Sweat Elevator Pitch With Fred Miller [Episode 493]

One of the most classic terms in sales is the ‘elevator pitch’ – but what does it really mean, especially today?

Fred Miller, author of the new book, The No Sweat Elevator Speech!: How to Craft YOUR Elevator Speech Floor by Floor, with No Sweat! joins me on this episode.


No Sweat is Fred Miller’s tagline. He started with No Sweat Public Speaking, in 2011, and kept the brand.

An elevator speech is a personal infomercial. Use the time before or after events to network. The elevator speech is a good start. It can also be used to begin a presentation. It must be a clear self-description.

An elevator speech is not a sales pitch. It sorts and sifts between future customers and disqualified contacts, saving time for both parties. Fred’s presentation included an assurance of the value he delivers.

Fred’s speech is in the format of an elevator ride by floor. The first floor is give your name. Second floor is describe what you do in threes. Fred’s three are that he is a speaker, coach, and author. Items in threes seem complete.

Fred lists his three by the money piece, the passion piece, and a related choice. Speaker, coach, and author follow that pattern.

Third floor is a description of your experience. You want someone to easily understand what you do, in simple terms. If you’re published, tell the topic of your last book, or your upcoming book. Or tell how long you’ve been in business.

Fourth floor is ‘what,’ “Businesses, individuals, and organizations hire me because…” In Fred’s case it’s, “because they want to improve their networking, public speaking, and presentation skills.” Delivery trumps content.

Fifth floor is your why. Fred continues his speech, “They do that because they know speaking opportunities are business, career, and leadership opportunities.” The why is critical. If there is no agreement, the presentation concludes.

Fred’s sixth floor is, “They also know we perceive really good speakers as experts.” Seventh floor is the unique selling proposition, “I show them how to develop, practice, and deliver a ‘knock your socks off’ presentation, with no sweat.”

Eighth floor is the ‘ask,’ “What do the folks at your place do about networking, public speaking, and presentation skills training?” Fred has a suggestion for starting a formal speech. There is flexibility when you move the pieces around by floor.

The No Sweat elevator speech is a methodical process to encapsulate what you can do for the person you are talking to. It is flexible, and it is not pitching a product, but presenting yourself as an expert professional. Also have a short version.

The elevator speech requires preparation and practice. Give people something of value for their investment of time in you. Record yourself practicing, and watch yourself video only,  audio only, and with both. Then show someone, for feedback.

The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul was formerly Accelerate! with Andy Paul.