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How the Microsoft Acquisition of LinkedIn Will Impact Sales Professionals [Special Episode]

This is a special episode about Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of LinkedIn.

Last week Microsoft announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. What are the implications of this for the sales reps and sales teams that increasingly rely on LinkedIn to connect and engage with decision makers and influencers?  I asked three leading experts on LinkedIn to share their perspectives about what this proposed acquisition will mean for sales reps and sales leaders.

First up is Kurt Shaver, founder of The Sales Foundry, a leading trainer that helps companies use LinkedIn to grow their sales. (Kurt was previously on Accelerate in Episode #94 titled How To Successfully Integrate Social Selling Into Your Sales Process.)

After Kurt, I’ll be talking with Miles Austin. Miles is the Founder and CEO of Fill the Funnel. In addition to being a highly regarded blogger, speaker, and trainer, Miles is one of the leading authorities on sales tools that can help you grow your sales. (Miles has previously been on Accelerate. Twice. Check out Episode #5 and Episode #20 for great information about the latest sales tools and technologies.

Finally, I’ll be talking with Viveka Von Rosen, the founder of LinkedIn to Business, a renowned LinkedIn and social selling expert and author of the best-selling classic “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day.” She’s also the author of the upcoming book “101 Ways to Rock Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn.” (coming this summer!) Be sure to check out my previous conversation with Viveka in Episode #153 titled Best Practices To Accelerate The Growth Of Your Sales Using LinkedIn.