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Higher Complexity Results in Lower Sales Productivity with Pouyan Salehi [Episode 1118]

Pouyan Salehi is the CEO and Co-founder of Scratchpad. Sales is a complex job, and it is made even more complex when salespeople are part of a larger organization. The fast pace and the need to constantly be finding and managing new and existing customers make it difficult to execute well.

Over time, things tend to become more complex, rather than simpler. This is due to the introduction of new technology, different types of buyers, and various processes. The question is whether or not this complexity is necessary, or if it could be streamlined to make the selling process easier.

Andy and Pouyan agree that just because something can be done with new technology, doesn’t mean it should be — and that this often falls on the back of the sellers. They believe that time is not the only factor that is impacted by complexity, but that the emotional hit it takes on salespeople is also significant.

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