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A New Sales Readiness Platform Helping Companies with On-Boarding Issues w/ Mohit Garg [Episode 134]

Mohit Garg is the co-founder and Chief Customer Officer of MindTickle, a new sales readiness platform.

With the explosion and the number of companies releasing products into the sales technology space, comes an increased number of platform categories. There are sales acceleration platforms, sales development platforms, sales enablement platforms, sales engagement platforms, just to name a few. Mohit is the co-founder of MindTickle, which is a sales readiness platform. The name really captured the essence of what they wanted to represent in a brand. Sales readiness is the future of predictable sales. You need to make the process of learning and absorption of the information, which sales people need to succeed, fun and unintimidating.

What’s wrong with conventional sales training?

The nature of the sales process has significantly changed in the last 10 years. If you think about the environment in which sales people are great, it is a more dynamic environment. The business cycle has changed; it used to be 6 months to a year. These days, those kind of dynamic changes have to be adapted to, in a matter of weeks. You sit in a classroom and within 30 days you have lost about 90% of what you learned. You need to combine the user interactions with the right engagement techniques.

Why does it take 7 months for sales reps to become fully productive?

There is about a month or two of waste in terms of inefficiency during the on-boarding process. The pre-work is already done on a technology platform like MindTickle. The sales reps come prepared with baseline knowledge. The other issue is travel and time zones synchronization, which need to be handled in a larger multi-location organization. Companies will want to take the 7-month sales readiness period and break it down into phases and milestones.

How does your role playing feature on MindTickle help sales reps become prepared?

This feature enables sales people to rehearse crucial customer conversation scenarios including objection handling, elevator pitch, and pricing discussions. This allows managers to provide qualitative and quantitative feedback on the submitted recordings.

Learn More About Mohit Garg:

What’s the most powerful sales asset?


Name the one tool you use for sales or sales management that you can’t live without.

Salesforce.com CRM

Who’s your sales role model?

Mark Burdge

What’s the one book that every sales person should read? 

Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of Salesforce.com, by Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler

What’s your favorite music to get you pumped up?

Instrumental Music: Yanni and Piano by Candlelight

What’s the first sales activity you do every day?

Checking on the most top things that need to get done that day, in order to accomplish sales objectives.