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The Top 5 Mistakes New SDRs Make On Sales Calls & How to Fix Them

The average required experience at hire for SDRs has hit an all-time low—only 1.2 years. Yet sales is a nuanced profession, and the learning curve is steep in those first couple years.

Every new SDR is going to make a few mistakes, but some mistakes are deadlier than others when you're trying to hit quota. We figured out the top 5 that you and your team should avoid at all costs, so that you can reach your full revenue-driving potential.

In The Top 5 Mistakes New SDRs Make On Sales Calls, you'll get info on:

  • The exact odds stacked against SDRs when they're working the phones

  • The 2 cardinal sins of competitor discussions

  • The 1 thing that can turn even the best call into wasted time

  • How to quickly & efficiently coach new SDRs to avoid pitfalls