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How to Get Started With A Successful RevOps Program

Report by Gartner®

Wondering how the world's top companies are aligning revenue teams to maximize pipeline and revenue? Trying to figure out how to get started with RevOps? Gartner has all the answers in this report.

Revenue.io is a vendor that empowers the two capabilities most critical to RevOps: Activity and Contact Capture, and Conversation Intelligence.

A Look Inside

According to research by Gartner, “more than half (53%) of Chief Sales Officers are executing or considering developing a “revenue operations” function.”

Yet many people are still struggling to understand exactly what RevOps is, and what first steps they should take to make it work for their teams. That’s why Revenue.io is offering complimentary access to this Gartner report, which provides a short and simple plan for how to get a RevOps function started.


  • An explanation of what RevOps is and what makes it work

  • The first steps you should take when building a RevOps function

  • How to gather an accurate view of data across departments

  • Ways to orchestrate and automate workflows

  • The analytics to prioritize for insights across all revenue teams