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Sanguine gains hundreds of productivity hours each week with Revenue


  • Empower study coordinators to connect with more prospective patients for research studies
  • Increase call volume, velocity and connection rates
  • Automate tedious processes such as manually dialing patients and leaving voicemails
  • Automatically route patients to the best available coordinator
  • Gain real-time visibility into key metrics such as connection rates, call productivity


  • RingDNA, the Global Communications Hub
  • Revenue.io Domestic and International Local Presence
  • Revenue.io Performance Analytics


  • Coordinators save 25 seconds per call and gained hundreds of productivity hours each week thanks to one-click dialing and voicemail drop
  • Dramatically improved call connection rates
  • Calls intelligently routed to the best available coordinator based on specific study details
  • Complete management visibility thanks to populated Salesforce dashboards with real-time actionable metrics
  • Coordinators can focus on filling more clinical trials and less on busywork, ultimately leading to more revenue

Sanguine is the missing link in clinical trials, connecting patients and researchers seamlessly and conveniently using a mobile health platform to advance medical research. Sanguine makes it easier for patients to contribute to the advancement of research for medical conditions that matter most to them, regardless of their location or ability to travel.

“Revenue.io has improved the efficiency of the study coordinators and really saved us time. With all the time we save we’re able to reach out to so many more people.”

Katherine Yee, Study Coordinator, Sanguine Biosciences

WHY Revenue.io?

Sanguine employs study coordinators tasked with finding prospective patients to participate in relevant studies. However, study coordinators were wasting hours manually dialing patients, leaving voicemails and manually logging key data in Salesforce. After looking for solutions to increase productivity, Sanguine chose Revenue.io because of its diverse feature set and leading-edge Salesforce integration.

After implementing Revenue.io, study coordinators noticed an immediate uptick in their productivity. Where study coordinators once physically dialed every patient’s number manually and left one-off voicemails, they gained the ability to dial patients with a single click and automatically leave pre-recorded voicemails thanks to the Revenue.io Voicemail Drop feature. This has saved 25 seconds per call and hundreds of hours each week across their team.

Call connection rates also improved thanks to Local Presence. According to Sanguine Study Coordinator Katherine Li, “Revenue.io has improved the efficiency of the study coordinators and really saved us time. With all the time we save we’re able to reach out to so many more people.”

Sanguine was also able to revolutionize how call routing is handled. Revenue.io made it easy for Sanguine to route calls to the right specialists based on toll-free numbers tied to various studies. This functionality helped streamline the patient experience.

As study coordinators reached out to patients, data automatically populated in Salesforce, offering deep insight into activities and outcomes. According to Sanguine Chief Product Officer Gerald Lee, “All the data in Salesforce has allowed us to create our own custom dashboards and reports.”

Since implementing Revenue.io, Sanguine has more than tripled the amount of coordinators using Revenue.io.