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Mynd Scales Quality Assurance with Revenue.io


  • Revenue.io enabled Mynd to quickly onboard a quality assurance team to review, score and annotate for hundreds of monthly calls
  • AI-powered analytics empower sales managers to make data-driven decisions
  • An intuitive and scalable interface makes it possible to create or revise complex routing rules in minutes


Each month, Mynd was conducting thousands of outbound calls to current and prospective investors looking to find, finance, insure, lease, manage or sell single-family investment properties. ​​

To ensure that prospective clients reached the best available investor development specialist, Mynd needed to replace their legacy telephony with a modern solution that was efficient, agile and scalable. The company needed an IVR system that made it easy to spin up and edit call routing rules to ensure that a high volume of inbound calls could reach the right specialists. Mynd’s legacy system made it difficult and tedious to make routing adjustments.

Mynd also needed to scale quality assurance. But without conversation intelligence, it was difficult to know which calls to listen to, let alone deliver quality assurance at scale.


According to Dionisio Reggiani, Director of Sales Operations, the company was “Looking for something that not only had a highly efficient scalable IVR, but also a tool that really scaled well.” After trying a variety of engagement solutions, Mynd chose Revenue.io. According to Reggiani, “Revenue.io is completely agile when it comes to setup and features and functionality and is very intuitive.”

Mynd began by implementing RingDNA, which allowed reps to make more calls a day thanks to automation like activity logging and click-to-dial. While reps gained increased productivity, managers gained additional insight. According to Reggiani, “Revenue.io provided a full suite of dashboards in our CRM, and that has allowed us to make data-driven decisions with our sales reps.”

After experiencing initial success with RingDNA, Mynd implemented Conversation AI to help with quality assurance. According to Reggiani, “Conversation AI is so strong that I built a team around the tool.” With Conversation AI, a quality assurance team could diagnose calls and not merely review what’s being said, but also look at behavioral metrics, such as when reps are talking over prospects or talking too much.


From an operational perspective, Reggiani has gotten a lot of time back since implementing Revenue.io. “Whereas in the past we’ve had other call tools that either require pretty articulate coding or require working after hours because you can’t actually push the changes in the tool while users are on the phone live. With Revenue.io I’m able to go into the admin and make changes in minutes.”

Conversation AI enables Mynd to audit a large number of calls every month and leave detailed notes on hundreds of calls. If you’re looking to leverage a call analytics tool, this one really goes above and beyond. It’s scalable and adaptable to any kind of company. Whether you’re business-to-business or business-to-consumer, it’s very agile!”

Since implementing Revenue.io, Reggiani has been continuously impressed with the customer support he’s received from Revenue.io. “We never have to wait days and weeks or have to call back a bunch of times if we have a question. I would say 99% of the time it’s a same-day resolution.” Reggiani has also felt listened to by the entire Revenue.io team. “We’ve been able to make recommendations on features and functionality and we believe that we’re really being heard by the C-Suite. We feel not so much like a client but a partner with Revenue.io.”

Mynd brings together world-class technology and local expertise to make it simple and convenient for investors to find, finance, insure, lease, manage, and sell single-family rental properties, and for residents to find great homes to rent in more than 25 markets across the country.

“Revenue.io is so powerful that I built a team around the tool.”

Dionisio Reggiani, Director of Sales Operations at Mynd