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5 Great Perspectives on Sales Acceleration Technology

3 min readOctober 13, 2014

Does your inside sales team truly have the tools they need to beat the competition? Without giving your sales team tools to help them to be more productive and close more deals, even your A-list salespeople will have trouble competing with less seasoned reps using sales acceleration technology.

Sales accelerationIf you’re just hearing about sales acceleration tech, expect to be hearing a lot more about it in the coming months and years. Sales acceleration technology is one of the hottest categories of business software. Gartner has estimated that this type of software is already a $20 billion market, and will expand to $36 billion by 2017. And it’s not hard to see why. Sales acceleration technology gives teams a huge competitive advantage.

We brought together five unique perspectives on sales acceleration. See how these industry leaders advocate using technology to accelerate sales.

The New Wave of Sales Acceleration Technology

In his recent article on Entrepreneur, our CEO, Howard Brown, defines the category of sales acceleration, makes an argument for why every company will need sales acceleration software in order to have a competitive inside sales team and lists examples of some great companies that are offering sales acceleration tech in addition to Revenue.io. For those of you new to sales acceleration tech, Howard’s article is an excellent launching point.

The Two Biggest Reasons Sales Tools Fail

One of the world’s leading authorities on sales acceleration technology is Nancy Nardin. On Smart Selling Tools, she regularly provides thought leadership around how to best leverage sales software. One of my personal favorite blog posts that she’s written is one called The Two Biggest Reasons Sales Tools Fail. She does a fantastic job of identifying some vital concerns that must be addressed prior to implementing new sales technology.

The Art of Social Selling

One of the hottest sub categories of sales acceleration technology are tools that make sales more social. One of the foremost experts in social sales is LinkedIn’s Koka Sexton (formerly of InsideView). In this video he made for social sales platform Hootsuite, Koka Sexton does an excellent job of explaining the ways that implementing social selling can be a game-changer for your organization.

How to Improve Sales Performance with 6 Data Sources

Lattice Engines, who provide predictive analytics for sales teams, wrote a cool blog post about contextual data. The post expands upon their statistic that 90% of sales reps are overwhelmed with the amount of data available about their prospects. The article tries to narrow down the sources that reps should be gathering prospect data from. Of course, here at Revenue.io, we believe that it can be even more powerful to automatically provide reps with contextual sales data during calls.

Using Gamification to Improve Sales Effectiveness

It turns out that most people not only enjoy work more, but excel at their jobs when it feels like a game. This is especially true in inside sales, since salespeople tend to be competitive by nature—often former athletes. In this article. Bunchball’s VP of Sales talks about how gamification applies to sales and how to accelerate sales processes using gamification. Definitely worth checking out!