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How WorkWave Saw a Surge in Speed to Lead with Revenue


  • Unable to efficiently and intelligently assess and route leads, WorkWave was taking too long to respond to leads and route them to the right reps.
  • Data was unreliable, due to multiple systems creating a lag time between data capture, activity logging and reporting.
  • Existing email cadencing solution was too disconnected from their main system of record, Salesforce. This resulted in low productivity and morale due to the manual activity logging required across multiple fragmented systems.


  • Maximized speed to lead and efficient routing of leads to meet rigorous service level agreements with Revenue.io, Intelligent Routing, and Hot Leads. Now the team can get the right leads to the right reps and engage them in under five minutes.
  • Management has full visibility into performance analytics against teams’ KPIs right in Salesforce, and can actively manage in real time using turnkey reporting and dashboards that update automatically with each call. They monitor metrics such as call volume, time spent on the phone, and more.
  • Increase connect rates, conversations and conversions using local presence capabilities and localizing every selling motion when calling throughout North America.


  • Maximize usage of call recordings and explore ConversationAI to enable busy managers to coach at scale and to extend visibility into KPIs such as overtalk time, conversation etiquette, and more.

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"Revenue.io enables us to easily implement a 5-minute or less SLA with our reps. In addition to that, the tool is flexible enough to allow us to automatically re-assign leads that sit untouched for more than 5 minutes, so that any available rep can jump on it. That way, we're prioritizing swift engagement with the customer over everything else."

Bonnie Worthington, Salesforce Team Manager at WorkWave