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How Revenue Supports Starburst’s Explosive Growth and Expanding Sales Team By Increasing Sales Visibility and Efficiency


  • As the Sales Development Representative (SDR) team grew from two to ten reps, management needed a way to gain full visibility and transparency across teams when it came to inbound and outbound performance. Prior to Revenue.io, sellers relied more on manual logging of activities, which wasted time and resulted in incomplete data.
  • With multiple new rounds of funding, the business needed a way to ensure they were scaling the revenue teams rapidly and equipping them with the right tools to ramp quickly and be set up for success.
  • With aggressive dial goals per day, the sales development team needed a seamless solution with Salesforce, so that time was not wasted on manual data entry, and could automatically pull in important customer context like contact fields, roles, and activity history.
  • With fully remote teams, the business needed a way for SDRs to make calls in a secure, easy, and reliable way, with just a laptop and internet connection.


  • Maximize dials per day, thereby increasing connect rates, conversations, and revenue with the RingDNA Global Communications Hub.
  • Easily access and capture activity history because of Revenue.io’s seamless integration with Salesforce. As a result, reps spend far less time on manual tasks and more time strategically working leads and prospecting to set meetings with account executives.
  • Save massive amounts of time by using the DialNext and Click-to-Call features, as well as the ability to drill down into ListViews, all from one window.
  • Management gets real-time visibility into key metrics like call duration, talk time, and more, with the turnkey reports and performance analytics built natively on top of Salesforce.

“If we did not have Revenue.io today, our teams would be making a lot less dials, and management would not have the visibility into team performance that they need to move the needle dramatically.” – Katie Nichols, Revenue Operations Manager


  • Starburst plans on looking at consolidating multiple parts of their sales technology stack, and will start looking to Revenue.io’s Guided Selling and Coaching solutions to further build out their sales enablement platform.

Starburst gives analysts the freedom to work with diverse data sets wherever their location, without compromising on performance. Using the open source Presto SQL engine, the Starburst Distribution of Presto provides fast, interactive query performance across a wide variety of data sources including HDFS, Amazon S3, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, and Teradata, among others. Founded by the largest team of Presto committers outside of Facebook, Starburst is the only company providing enterprise support for the Presto project.

“Revenue.io is one of the tools that we love and don’t have to worry about troubleshooting on a daily or weekly basis.”

Katie Nichols, Revenue Operations Manager, Starburst